Wednesday, February 6, 2008

James Marsden ... 27 Tries to Get the Girl

With the Academy Awards looming and all of the films marketing Oscar campaigns having debuted at the end of 2007 or holding off for summer blockbuster season '08, the early winter months are known for being sorely laking in quality entertainment.

27 Dresses is the latest in a series of mediocre romantic comedies to have debuted in the last two years (with Fool's Gold appearing to be the next). A cutesy premise and a charming performance from the comedically gifted Katherine Heigl (backed up by the equally likeable James Marsden and Judy Greer), couldn't save this otherwise bland installment. The notably entertaining scenes - overachieving bridesmaid Jane (Heigl) attends two weddings at once and then a few weeks later shares her closet full of nightmare bridesmaid's dresses from her past - are lost amongst the predictable blah blah blah as the film moves through the paces of an over-established formula.

While unexceptional, 27 Dresses was enjoyable enough for a little light escapism thanks of course to Heigl and Marsden. And you have to credit the casting director with one thing - after a long line of cinematic rejection, finally the funny, charismatic (and sexy) James Marsden gets his girl!

A few of his smaller films aside (Sugar and Spice, anyone?), James Marsden has never been the man the heroine falls for in the end. Instead, in his most notable roles, Marsden has been typecast as the "other guy" - he's good looking, he has his attractive qualities, but ultimately he's the one the heroine rejects when she realizes that she's really in love with her leading man. At last Marsden's luck seems to be changing, owing to the fact that he's more than just a pretty face.

Three cheers for our new favorite leading man! Katherine, don't let this one get away.


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