Sunday, February 24, 2008

2008 Book List: Part Two

In early January I posted my 2008 Booklist, a list of 50 random books I am committed to reading this year - classics, fantasy, young adult fiction, etc. As of now, I am finishing up book #11 ("Why Buffy Matters", the inspiration for a future blog entry), and of course, since restricting myself to a mere 50 titles, I have already discovered some glaring omissions from my list, novels that I so desperately want to (eventually) read that I may not be able to wait until 2009.

Rather than knocking titles from the original 50, I've decided to add 10 books to my list. I'm averaging 6 books a month right now, so 60 books in a year should be more than achievable.

Drum roll, please ...
The List Continues!

  1. Beloved, Toni Morrison
  2. The Curious Incident of a Dog in the Night-time, Mark Haddon
  3. Ender's Game, Orson Scott Card
  4. Fray, Joss Whedon
  5. The Other Boleyn Girl, Philippa Gregory
  6. Paradise Lost, John Milton
  7. Persepolis, Marjane Satrapi
  8. Queen Bees and Wannabees, Rosalind Wiseman
  9. Swimming Upstream: A Lifesaving Guide to Short Film Distribution, Sharon Badal
  10. Watership Down, Richard Adams
Random? Perhaps, but no more so than the original list. Or the order in which I choose to read them.

*Bolded means I actually got through them in '08!

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