Wednesday, December 19, 2007

How To Keep a Kitten Happy

Back in July, when I adopted my first ever kitten, I made one huge mistake. Actually, I made two mistakes. The first mistake was assuming that the kitten would love being picked up and cuddled and kissed all the time. Or ever. The second mistake was assuming that the kitten would actually want to play with "cat" toys purchased from Target and Petco.

I was naive, but I have since learned the error of my ways. Assuming makes an ass out of me, wastes my money, and ultimately leaves me craving for what little attention my kitten does give me, usually when her litter box needs cleaning.

You don't need to spend any money to keep your kitten happy, just have some of these items lying around your house:

Keep an eye on easily-accessible shiny or poufy objects on your coffee table or desk. She won't be able to resist. When something goes missing, it's safe to assume the cat has dragged it into the nook by the fridge or hid it in her favorite spot under the bed. Just don't assume that the cat will want to play with any of the following store-bought items:

A kitten sleeping in a cat bed or playing in a cat tube? Pah! Ridiculous notions! At least she enjoys her scratching post, collapsible cubes, and the infallible feather-on-a-stick.

Without the feather-on-a-stick, I just don't know what I would have done ... Left the loose change on the floor, I suppose.

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